Saturday, 14 February 2015

Three prettiful outfits!

Hiii! I've decided to do a little blog post on three outfits that I've worn the past fortnight that I'm proud of! :)


Outfit number one! First I'll start out with make up! My make up of that day included Elf Primer, Max Factor Foundation, ModelsPrefer blush and contour, DB eyeliner, Cover Girl Lash-blast-length mascara, Laqa and Co 'bees knees' tinted lip balm, and  clear Lip Smacker lip gloss. A nice simple but pretty look, perfect for when I go to my study place! Now onto the outfit! Starting off with my shirt, it has that kinda urban but girly look to it which is a look I've been loving lately! I like how it's slightly baggy so it's nice to wear it hot weather, the print says "90's Kid" which I think is pretty cute, even though I'm not 100 percent sure if I classify as a 90's kid hehe! I got the shirt from Ice for around $10. My dark grey denim shorts peaking from the bottom of the shirt there was from Target for around $10, they're comfy and you can move around in them pretty well which is always a plus! Last but not least the purple glittery jellies are from Rubi shoes for $5, a cute little summery shoe trend which also goes with the theme of the shirt! :)
Outfit number two! This outfit is just a simple outfit I put together in the morning before school, but I still reckon it looks pretty funky! My hair bow was actually a birthday gift from a friend but you can get them from lots of different jewellery and accessory stores! I find cute hair bows is a great way to jazz up a simple hair do! You can't really see it because goofy ol' me put my phone over it, but my gold necklace was from the accessory section at Valley Girl, it literally goes with everything so it's a big favourite of mine! The plain black tank top was from Temt for $5, having a few plain coloured tank tops are always a good idea, they're a great thing to wear when you think you have nothing to wear! My high waisted shorts were from Paper Scissors and they were around $10, these shorts go with all my shorts so they're another big favourite of mine! The cute and slightly dorky and quirky jelly shoes were from Rubi Shoes for $5, jelly shoes bring us all back to our childhood, and they comfy and perfect for a hot summers day! All around a pretty lovely outfit! :)
Outfit number three! This is what a wore to a night out in the town a few weeks back. As I said previously I've been really loving this urban floral look that's been around lately and I feel pretty confident in a way that I think I can pull it off (hopefully!). The T-shirt styled shirt is from ICE, it was $15, it's stylish, cute, and a little quirky, and it's comfortable and light, which means it's perfect to wear on a hot night. My gold glittery bag was from Colette (it was a Christmas gift so I'm not sure how much it costs) the jewellery was also from Colette and my suede black heels are from Kmart for $20. :)

There they all are! Hope you enjoyed having a look at my outfits! Keep an eye out on my blog for more life style, beauty and fashion related stuff coming up soon! :)