Thursday, 29 January 2015

January Favourites!

It's time for me to my first 'favourites' blog entry! This year I'll be doing a favourites blog entry for each month! It will include five of my favourite beauty, decor, technology or even foods from the month! :)

Here's a snazzy picture of my five January favourite's! Keep on reading if you want to read about them! (which really does mean keep reading please because that would make me a happy blogger!)

My first favourite this month is dry conditioner by Girlz Only. I got this product for Christmas and I love it! It's great to use between washes when you don't quite need to wash your hair but you still wanting it feeling fresh and shiny!

The next January favourite of mine is the Sunsilk Daring Volume hair spray. As it says in the name of the product it adds a bit of volume to your hair. This is great to use when you want your hair looking alive and bouncy and is great for a doing the day outing and a night out in the town! It also smells really good, it smells somewhat summery and fresh.

Another favourite of mine this month is the Choose Chi Chi perfume in the scent 'marshmellow'. I got this for Christmas from my sister and it smells amazing! It's very sweet, it smells like those candy musk sticks but better! I actually got my sister the same perfume but a different scent which was the Persimmon scent. This one also smells incredible, it also smells quite sweet but has a slight more richer smell. Choose Chi Chi also has a wide range of different amazing scents! These perfumes look pretty, smell amazing, and they last for a long time which is everything you want in a perfume! You and purchase these in the beauty section at Target.

Elf primer has definitely been a January favourite of mine! It's well priced, ethical and does the job well! I didn't start using primer until this month, I was keen to try it because different Youtubers always recommend it because it makes your make-up last longer. I have also heard great things about Elf products from friends and Youtubers so when I saw it on the shelf at Kmart I had to buy it to give it a go! I would highly recommend this primer! It makes your skin feel soft and smooth, and it makes your make-up last all day and all night! It's amazing! Love love love Elf primer! :)

Now for a foundation! Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation is my latest favourite foundation wise! Reasons for this being is because it goes on nice and smooth, it spreads out evenly around your face, and it's full coverage so you only need one layer at you are set to go! This was on sale at the time but I would get it again even if it wasn't on sale because I love it so much!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my January favourites! Have you tried any of these products Let me know what you think of them in the comments! Feel free to also tell me about some of your January favourites! Thanks for reading!
- Marnie-

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lunch with friends, pink moscato, and an outfit of the day!

Today my two friends and I decided to meet up and have a scrumptious pub lunch! We went to The Elephant which is down Cinema Place which runs of Rundle Street in Adelaide. It's a nice chilled out place to go for a special treat at lunch time. :)

Chicken burger with bacon, lettuce, aioli and cheese with a side of fries hit the spot perfectly! This was a very filling meal and I definitely got bang for my buck! :D - (sorry about the blurriness of the photo, my phone was being a bit silly!)

I'm so fancy! Decided to jazz it up with a glass of pink moscato! Good choice indeed because I enjoyed every sip!

Out fit of the day! Today I went for a slightly different but girly look! I think it looks pretty cute and I like it because it has a touch of my own style! My gold chain necklace is from Collette and was $3,  My floral 60 shirt is from Supre and it was $10, my skirt is from Ally Fashion and was $5 and my boots are from Kmart and they were $25! All together that's $43 which I think is a pretty good price for a funky and cute outfit! :D

 Thank you for reading today's blog! Hope you enjoyed! 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pineapple sodas and Spicy fries!

 Yesterday afternoon my friend Nicole and I spontaneously decided to meet up in the city to have a delicious soda and scrumptious fries from one of our favourite restaurants 'Two Bit Villains'
Two Bit Villains is a vintage style eatery and soda bar. It's famous for its delicious hand crafted sodas and its well priced selection of food. Everything on the menu is gluten free, vegetarian and/or vegan so it suits everyone's dietary requirements and it's not overly expensive which is a huge thumbs up for me!

Yesterday I decided to try the spicy fries (they also sell regular fries which are amazing, but I wanted to jazz things up a bit). The spicy fries in my opinion aren't too spicy, but they definitely have a spicy zing too them! My friend Nicole got the regular fries, and tried one of my spicy fries and said it was very spicy, so I guess it depends on a persons palette! The servings you get at Two Bit Villains are very generous, the fries are $5 and you get a huge serving, with tomato ketchup and mustard. I also had the pineapple flavored soda and it was delicious! Hit the TBV soda craving perfectly! Nicole had the strawberry flavor, she seemed to enjoy it very much! I've also had the strawberry flavor and I can safely say it's amazing!

After we had our delicious soda and fries, we decided to take some photos of ourselves against a wall because you know... we're cool. We both had a bit of a laugh trying to sit up on the ledge and staying still for the photo. Eventually we got a few good shots !! Click this link to have a look at Nicole's blog!

  Just in case anyone is wondering here's my ootd info! (I'm the one wearing the glasses)

Gold chain necklace - Collette - $3
Palm tree one piece - Ice - $15
Denim daisy shorts - Paper Scissors - $7
Jelly Shoes - Rubi Shoes - $5
I can't quite remember where the belt is from, I got it a few years ago!

Thank you for reading my first proper blog post! I hope you enjoyed!

- Marnie-